Transport and exhibitions

Goods do not always arrive at their destination, whether they are lost, stolen or damaged. Not all modes of transport have the same level of security, and not all goods are as sensitive to each other during a journey.

Freight transport insurance covers damage and losses suffered during the entire transport phase, including storage and exhibitions. The following things concerning goods can be covered:

  • Transported by road, rail, sea or air vehicle
  • Shipped by post, courier, express service
  • Stored during exhibitions
  • Own and third parties in Switzerland that are moved manually or by means of transport and / or lifting
  • Installations permanently or temporarily located in vehicles
  • Financial consequences, for example contractual penalties in the event of a delay following a disaster
  • Loss of income resulting from damage covered by transport insurance

“All risks” cover or limited to characterized accidents. Includes risk of war, strikes or terrorism. Detailed analysis is recommended to find the right solution for your needs.

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