Movable property

Property and casualty insurance includes all movable property at the various places of insurance used for your operation.

For goods, the sum corresponds to the price of raw materials up to the value of finished products. That of installations includes in particular: furniture, machines, utensils and IT equipment, including things on lease or third parties.

The basic risks:

  • Fire, lightning, explosions and natural damage (storms, floods, etc.)
  • Theft, including threats to staff or personnel Water or other liquid damage inside your buildings
  • Glass breakage and glazing of all kinds
  • Glass breakage and glazing of all kinds

Certain objects / risks require special conditions, for example:

  • Storage of equipment in the open air
  • Inventory circulating in Switzerland or abroad
  • Damage caused by internal disturbances and acts of vandalism
  • Building collapse, earthquakes
  • Monetary values
  • Things on construction sites (e.g. tools, etc.)
  • Clean vehicles as goods

Insurers also offer “all risks” guarantees to be studied on a case-by-case basis.

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