Damage to a boat can quickly become a significant financial burden. Just like cars and other vehicles, there are many options for insuring your boat, whether it be a motor boat, sailboat or yacht.

Here are some examples of services linked to boat insurance, for any vehicle used for navigation in Switzerland:

  • Liability insurance
    Damage to things belonging to third parties, accidents involving other people or animals.
  • Casco insurance
    Partial Casco insurance: damage due to fire, floods, storms, snowslides, theft or glass breakage.
  • Comprehensive Casco insurance against all risks: all damage to the boat, whether on land or at sea, in the wintering warehouse or during transportation, including all the dangers covered by partial Casco insurance.
  • Accident insurance
    Medical costs, search and rescue costs, daily allowances, death and disability capital in the event of accidents occurring while using the boat, while in or out of the water and in the event of DIY or handy-work.

  • 24 hour car assistance
    Towing costs to the nearest repair place, recovery costs, port taxes, costs for the return transport of the insured boat to its permanent place in the event of a breakdown, accident, theft, or damage.
  • Legal protection insurance relating to vehicle contracts
    Protection against unfounded claims and disputes in connection with contracts concerning your vehicle, for example sales, leasing, transport or rental contracts.
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