Collective medical care contract

In conjunction with the company, we define specifications for a collective contract or individual insurance for recovery costs in the event of illness or accident in favor of staff and family members.

Global range of health insurance products and services:

  • Compulsory insurance and supplementary insurance in Switzerland
  • Cross-border commuters: the most attractive insurance solution on the market for new cross-border commuters wishing to insure themselves in Switzerland
  • Insurance for temporary stays in Switzerland and travel insurance
  • Insurance for expatriates: permanent or temporary stays abroad

We negotiate the following with insurers:

  • discounts on premiums for additional insurance
  • advantages of contract admission for the insured

Potential savings on social security contributions for the employer and the employee in the event of the employer contributing to the premium.

Symphony SA manages the entire advisory and enrollment process, as well as the related monitoring (see our VIP services for companies section)

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