Supplementary VVG Insurance

The aim is to fill the main gaps in compulsory insurance. You can choose, for example, ambulatory and hospital supplements in case you need:

  • Off-list drugs
  • Alternative medicine by non-medical therapists, including osteopathy
  • Urgent transportation, search and rescue in Switzerland and abroad
  • Medical costs in case of medical emergencies abroad
  • Glasses or contact lenses
  • Spa treatments
  • Housekeeper
  • Check-up, fitness
  • Foreign vaccinations
  • Dental care and orthodontics
  • Outpatient treatment planned abroad
  • Hospitalization in the common ward in a canton other than that of your residence
  • ½ private (2 beds) or private (1 bed) hospitalization with choice of surgeon and hospital / clinic or planned treatment abroad.

Unlike LaMal basic insurance, an additional contract depends on the patient’s state of health at the time of enrollment.

In the event of maternity, to guarantee the baby additional benefits from birth, it is essential to take out prenatal insurance preferably from the 5th month of pregnancy (deliveries of very premature babies are not rare), and at the latest before birth. The advice given by a professional is all the more important if the mother gives birth in half private or private quarters.

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