Mandatory Sickness Insurance

In Switzerland, the new Sickness Insurance Act covers most of the medical costs necessary in the event of illness and accident, as well as emergencies in Switzerland and abroad.

Urgent medical costs in EU / EFTA countries are reimbursed according to the social tariff of the country of stay and those outside of the EU / EFTA at twice the price of the canton of residence in Switzerland. Does not include support for urgent transportation, rescue, or repatriation abroad.

Insurance is compulsory from the day of birth or arrival in Switzerland and enrollment must be concluded within 3 months (there is a late penalty in the event of enrollment after 3 months). Automatic acceptance with coverage of preexisting conditions.

The list of services includes:

  • Ambulatory care provided by doctors, physiotherapists and chiropractors

Planned outpatient treatments are covered throughout Switzerland (or only in the canton of domicile depending on the conditions of the basic model purchased).

  • Prescription drugs from the list of specialties, physiotherapy, auxiliary means, glasses or children’s lenses, urgent transportation in Switzerland, dental care in the event of an accident, compulsory vaccines in Switzerland.
  • Hospital services in the general division of a public hospital in the canton of residence or other. No choice of surgeon and multi-bed room.

Additional charge in the event of planned hospitalization outside the canton of residence is the responsibility of the insured, unless (s)he has taken out general ward supplementary insurance throughout Switzerland.

The insured person chooses a model of access to doctors/care (free choice, family doctor, telemedicine, medical hotline, etc.) and the annual deductible at his/her expense (CHF 300, 500, 1000, 1500, 2500). Share of 10% max. CHF 700 / adult (350 / child) extra. Hospital tax of CHF 15 / day / adult.

We offer analysis, advice and much appreciated assistance in terms of choice of cover as well as administrative procedures, for example for insureds on the border or expatriates or prenatal insurance.

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